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About us


Welcome to my "About Us" page. If you haven't done so already, subscribe to our VIP service. It’s easy. Just click “sign up” in the top right corner. Feel free to leave a comment below to tell us how we're doing and rate your favorite driver. The bottom of the page is also a great place for you to tell your story and let us know a little more about you, our customer.


As you may already know we are a green taxicab company, and we offer a chauffeur service, airport/hotel shuttle for the Dubuque Airport, restaurant/food/non-alcoholic beverage delivery, and express courier service in Dubuque and a 30 mile radius. I was founded in 2011 by Brett Hahlen in order to provide a superior taxi service that would be able to meet the demand for cabs in the area without leaving anyone stranded or unable to get a taxi without waiting more than 45 minutes for it to arrive. We want 5-10 minute cabs for everyone, anywhere in the city, and we're making it happen. We may be young but that also means we're constantly innovating and improving. We dream of things like driver-less cabs with automatic dispatch systems or adding a touch screen for our customers to choose their favorite music while they're riding. In the long run we hope to have time traveling cabs that can arrive the moment you order them. Either that, or flying cabs or teleporting cabs would be sweet. Before I was created, any local could tell you the difficulty in getting a timely taxi in Dubuque and how that would lead to drunk drivers or people being stuck in places without a ride and other such nightmares. We're all about speed, efficiency, and cost-effective superior service, and we have proven that we can put ride-sharing applications to the test because we're always stepping up our game and working toward exceeding the needs of the environment. That's because we're a tight-knit family of dedicated individuals working toward the same goal: the best taxi service ever.


Our team is a diverse group of individuals with very different backgrounds. Some of them have been taxi drivers in the area for the last thirty years. In fact, many of our drivers worked for other companies in the area and formed together at #1 Green Cab as a solution to the area's taxi problem. We wanted to create a system that looked at our drivers and our vehicles first, not the profits of some fat-cat. As expected, happy drivers resulted in happy customers and excellent vehicles resulted in our excellent service. Because they are the most experienced drivers in Dubuque with a mountain of experience driving in the area, these veteran drivers that make up the core of our family, know the area inside and out, take the fastest routes with no funny business, and know how to read the customer's mood to provide the best experience possible. 


We're particularly more effective than our competitors during Dubuque's winters because we have 4WD Broncos in top condition, and two 4WD Suzukis - we can outfit them with studded tires when the roads are icy. All of our vehicles are outfitted with snow-tires and safety equipment in the winter. They allow us to serve our customers during even the worst inclement weather and road conditions, putting ourselves on the line to provide our service to you when you need it most.


The other thing that sets us apart is our use of hybrid taxis, meaning choosing our company is in fact better for the environment because almost half of our cabs use both gas and electric, resulting in less pollution in the city of Dubuque. In addition to that, all of our vehicles use ethanol gasoline only. We chose this model because we care about the environment. 


At #1 Green Cab we’re passionate about providing an excellent taxi service that will allow you to order cabs without any hassle and to have them arrive often-times in what seems like the blink of an eye.  It is all thanks to the support and feedback from customers like you. Keep up to date with New Releases and what’s Coming Soon by subscribing to our VIP service and registering on the website. Feel free to tell us what you think and give us feedback in the #1 Green Cab Facebook page. If you’d like to benefit from a professional taxi service, call 563-495-4444 and request to ride with one of our professional drivers. Or if you need more help you can simply contact Brett at To keep up to date with everything #1 Green Cab, including tips and things we think are cool, just head to the Facebook page!

#1 Green Cab in Dubuque Taxi Testimonial

#1 Green Cab's Vision

We envision a world where people have access to a taxi service that arrives quickly and on time every time.

Every ride is a chance for us to connect and create a positive experience for our customers, through our commitment to providing the highest quality taxi service and through the great customer service skills of our drivers.


Since October 15, 2011, every ride we have given has brought us closer to making that dream a reality, and making the world an easier and more affordable place to get around in -- and, with the introduction of Priuses to our fleet, a cleaner environment too.

#1 Green Cab's Fleet

Meet the Staff
#1 Green Cab in Dubuque Taxi Driver

A Dubuque native, JP is definately one of our best drivers. He's best known for his speedy service and charming personality. He also happens to be a baseball player. He's kind of a big deal. And, he's responsible for detailing the cabs and making sure that you have the cleanest ride possible. When he's not cabbing, JP is into sports, cracking jokes on social media, and once per week, he has a day where he just plays videogames like GTA 5. Ask for JP if you'd like a taxicab driver with a great sense of humor and an enthusiastic attitude. His favorite quote is, "Cardinals rule!"

#1 Green Cab in Dubuque Taxi Driver

Brett is the President of #1 Green Cab. He runs the day-to-day operations and makes all of the most important decisions. He is also the source of the mission and the vision of the company and keeps the big picture clear to see for all of the drivers through his coaching and mentoring leadership style. The organization itself is structured like a matrix organization that operates on a flat hierarchy where whoever is responsible for dispatching is in charge. This allows everyone a chance to be a leader at #1 Green Cab rather than relying on a single authoritarian boss with a strict set of rules. This allows #1 Green Cab to continually change as we evolve into the cab company that our customers want. Everyone feels like they have the opportunity to contribute and lead the company if they step up and take the phones. Brett also happens to be hands-down the best driver in the company, and I'm not just saying that because he is my creator.

#1 Green Cab in Dubuque Taxi Driver

Kelsey, from Hazel Green, Wisconsin, handles most of the adminstrative tasks of the company including doing all of the exhausting accounting and paperwork. She enjoys the outdoors, the finer things in life, and dreams of living out in the country away from the city-lights. One interesting fact about her is that she watches almost exclusively kid's movies and is in touch with her inner child. As a result she is very wise and not too worldy.

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